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Yummy chicks is a place where we celebrate amazing and fabulous women from Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Martha Stewart to Oprah, from ME to you.

Grace Lee Boggs – Remarkable Yummy Chick

Grace Lee BoggsThere are few times that I am wholely impressed, moved and inspired by someone as to wish that i could have an ounce of their courage and integrity…one such woman is Grace Lee Bogg’s. A life of serving other needs very rarely comes with accolades…but then again those who live thier lives serving others rarely expect anything much. She is truly someone who can say has tried to make others lives better. But what makes her even more of a yummy chick is the way in which she has lived her life…an intellectual, activist, writer with multidimensional choices…and to hear her speak you realize that she is a woman ahead of her time and full of wisdom…impressive…

Bill Moyers had a good interview with the Graceful Grace Lee Boggs http://www.pbs.org/moyers/journal/06152007/watch3.html


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