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Claire Danes is a yummy chick

claire-danes.jpgSo in this day and age of young starlets seriously in need of a spanking and with the US media obsessed with their ridiculously boring and predictable antics I figured I would bring you a chick who I will always consider yummy. No only because she was the star of one of my favourite shows in the whole entire world “My So called Life” but also because she has gone on to become a wonderul actress whose films are always an indulgence for me.  The Lindsey Lohans of the world not fit to lick her boots let alone be her understudy…they need to take note of how she blossomed into a actress to reckon with versus a tart of illrepute.

New York City, New York, USA. At age nine she began acting classes at the Lee Strasberg Studio in New York City and later enrolled at the Professional Performing Arts High School there. She became known through her role in the television series My So-Called Life (1994–5), and went on to star as Juliet in Baz Luhrmann’s film William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet (1996). Later films include The Rainmaker (1997), Igby Goes Down (2002), and Stage Beauty (2004).

Classic clip from my so called life

this episode had me swooning…I loved this show


Claire is definately yummy…


Beyonce falls and recovers Yummy Chick style

Ok this is the second time I’ve seen yummy Chick Beyonce take a fall and totally playit off. She is a pro through and through and that is why she is my Yummy chick of the day! Check it… she even has the sense of humour to ask ” Please dont put i on youtube”

 She also give a classy interview:

 and then she basically tore it up:


Hillary Clinton an NYC Yummy Chick

clinton_hillary.jpgSo since I’m in NYC I thought the Yummy chick of the day would be and NYC chica. In 1991 she was considered one of the most powerful and most influential lawyers in the US. Fast forward to 2007 and she has seen her husband Bill through his governorship and his tumultous presidency. Now a full fledged sentor in her own right she’s gunning for the White House and may very well give the republicans a run for her money.

Don’t get it twisted Hillary has not been riding anyones coat tails…she is a graduate of Wellesly college and Yale university and in her private practice got a reputation for her contributions to womens rights and childrens rights. But is the US of A ready for a women in the presidency? That remains to be seen but in the mean time she gets my vote of yummy chick of the day.

Here’s Hillary on tape:

Obama girl and Giuliani girl not Yummy Chicks

On fridays we note chicks who are NOT Yummy and the inaugural winners of the NOT SO YUMMY award are the Obama and Giuliani girls

We at yummychick.com are all for women making the most of their talents and doing their thing but once in a while you come across a chick and you just want to want to ask why? This Obama girl has done Obama such a diservice by reducing him to a joke. With her stripper girl-like video she has  played into the hands of those who would like to see Obama go no further. So what do you do to sabotage a respectable man? Tarnish his image by associating his name with a cheap chick. These girls do both Obama and Giuliani have cheapened what these men stand for by making what is a serious business into a joke. These are the Monica Lewinsky’s of the world. ok I’m getting waaay too serious…the story is these girls do spoofs and it’s meant to be no harm to foul…well that remains to be seen ….happy friday

and more

J.K. Rowling is a YummyChick

J.K. RowlingSo I thought I would ride the Harry Potter bandwagon and dig a little into who Joanne Kathleen Rowling is all about? Well I should have known the in true YummyChick style Joanne is a fighter who has come from humble beginnings. There was a time when Joanne was struggling to make ends meet as a divorcee, single mum teaching english in portugal.  She was broke and used to spend her time writing in coffee shops while her baby slept. She persevered even after her first book Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone was rejected several times. ..But this yummy chick persevered and the rest as you know is history… Now she is the biggest publishing success in the world and is second only to the bible is sales…Looove it

Yummychick of the day is Joanne Kathleen aka J.K. Rowling

 Here is a great feature  A&E did on Joanne Kathleen Rowling:

 Part 2

Part 3

 for the rest check out Youtube here

Martha Nelson People mag’s Yummy Chick

Martha NelsonNext time you pick up InStyle magazine or People magazine think of Yummy Chick Martha Nelson who is the founding editor of InStyle magazine and has been at the helm of People magazine both of which are very successful Time incorporated magazines…pulling over 700 million in revenue a year… she’s Yummy and this what her boss had to say about her…

 “PEOPLE has had an extraordinary run of success during Martha’s managing editorship,” said Huey. “In addition to scoring impressive gains on the newsstand and maintaining its position as the industry’s advertising juggernaut, Martha repositioned People.com as the go-to website for celebrity news. In the past year alone, People.com has doubled its unique visitors and increased page views six-fold.”

Nuff said …

Maxine Clarke and her $100 dollar bears

Maxine clarkeSo this weekend I spent over $150 dollars on 3 teddy bears  for some very excited little girls. We were are the “Build-a-bear” store which is the brian child of Maxine Clarke aka “chief executive bear”. so why is this chick so yummy? well if Im spending $150 dollars and she has hundreds of stores you can bet she has made over 250 million dollars.

All through an idea that came to her while she was shopping for Beanie babies with a 10 year old. Having worked in retail for a while she decided that the retail experience was stale and boring. So she decided …like most yummy chicks do…I can do it better …and she build the build a bear experience where kids can come and build thier own bear…clothe it, name it, get a birth certificate, get a passport…come back and shop for rollerskates for your bear, running shoes, a back pack, a stroller…anything your kid wants and tht your wallet can handle.

The bears themselves are cute as hell and the shopping experience fun and customer service youthful and child like…we spent lots of time just deciding what clothes to buy it was fab. And the result is a bond with those bears because we actually gave birth to them …in a manner of speaking…kids even put a little heart that had been blessed with some good vibes into the bear before it got closed up….lovely

Maxine is a yummy chick because she acte on her idea and ….boom yummy chicks make things happen.

Check out the experience: