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Yummy chicks is a place where we celebrate amazing and fabulous women from Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Martha Stewart to Oprah, from ME to you.

Oh Kimora thou art a Yummy Chick

about_us_side_img_spr07.jpgSo she is not usually my cup of tea…I’m not a fan of the ghetto fabulous esthetic…but I decided to check out the woman behind the Baby Phat empire and was very pleasantly surprised. She runs a multi-million dollar clothing empire that the ghetto fabulous ladies of the world just love. She has been so successful she even has a Kimora Barbie coming out and her children just launched a clothing line Ming and Aoki. She has a reality show coming out and we were able to get a preview into the show which you can check out below.

pink_limited_edition_baby_phat_slvr_1.jpgShe just released limited edition Baby Phat RAZR and SLVR in pink. The phone combines the ever popular David Beckham-endorsed RAZR and the durability of the SLVR with some serious pink

Ā Check out a promo clip for the show


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