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Martha Nelson People mag’s Yummy Chick

Martha NelsonNext time you pick up InStyle magazine or People magazine think of Yummy Chick Martha Nelson who is the founding editor of InStyle magazine and has been at the helm of People magazine both of which are very successful Time incorporated magazines…pulling over 700 million in revenue a year… she’s Yummy and this what her boss had to say about her…

 “PEOPLE has had an extraordinary run of success during Martha’s managing editorship,” said Huey. “In addition to scoring impressive gains on the newsstand and maintaining its position as the industry’s advertising juggernaut, Martha repositioned People.com as the go-to website for celebrity news. In the past year alone, People.com has doubled its unique visitors and increased page views six-fold.”

Nuff said …


Maxine Clarke and her $100 dollar bears

Maxine clarkeSo this weekend I spent over $150 dollars on 3 teddy bears  for some very excited little girls. We were are the “Build-a-bear” store which is the brian child of Maxine Clarke aka “chief executive bear”. so why is this chick so yummy? well if Im spending $150 dollars and she has hundreds of stores you can bet she has made over 250 million dollars.

All through an idea that came to her while she was shopping for Beanie babies with a 10 year old. Having worked in retail for a while she decided that the retail experience was stale and boring. So she decided …like most yummy chicks do…I can do it better …and she build the build a bear experience where kids can come and build thier own bear…clothe it, name it, get a birth certificate, get a passport…come back and shop for rollerskates for your bear, running shoes, a back pack, a stroller…anything your kid wants and tht your wallet can handle.

The bears themselves are cute as hell and the shopping experience fun and customer service youthful and child like…we spent lots of time just deciding what clothes to buy it was fab. And the result is a bond with those bears because we actually gave birth to them …in a manner of speaking…kids even put a little heart that had been blessed with some good vibes into the bear before it got closed up….lovely

Maxine is a yummy chick because she acte on her idea and ….boom yummy chicks make things happen.

Check out the experience: