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Obama girl and Giuliani girl not Yummy Chicks

On fridays we note chicks who are NOT Yummy and the inaugural winners of the NOT SO YUMMY award are the Obama and Giuliani girls

We at yummychick.com are all for women making the most of their talents and doing their thing but once in a while you come across a chick and you just want to want to ask why? This Obama girl has done Obama such a diservice by reducing him to a joke. With her stripper girl-like video she has  played into the hands of those who would like to see Obama go no further. So what do you do to sabotage a respectable man? Tarnish his image by associating his name with a cheap chick. These girls do both Obama and Giuliani have cheapened what these men stand for by making what is a serious business into a joke. These are the Monica Lewinsky’s of the world. ok I’m getting waaay too serious…the story is these girls do spoofs and it’s meant to be no harm to foul…well that remains to be seen ….happy friday

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