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J.K. Rowling is a YummyChick

J.K. RowlingSo I thought I would ride the Harry Potter bandwagon and dig a little into who Joanne Kathleen Rowling is all about? Well I should have known the in true YummyChick style Joanne is a fighter who has come from humble beginnings. There was a time when Joanne was struggling to make ends meet as a divorcee, single mum teaching english in portugal.  She was broke and used to spend her time writing in coffee shops while her baby slept. She persevered even after her first book Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone was rejected several times. ..But this yummy chick persevered and the rest as you know is history… Now she is the biggest publishing success in the world and is second only to the bible is sales…Looove it

Yummychick of the day is Joanne Kathleen aka J.K. Rowling

 Here is a great feature  A&E did on Joanne Kathleen Rowling:

 Part 2

Part 3

 for the rest check out Youtube here


Martha Nelson People mag’s Yummy Chick

Martha NelsonNext time you pick up InStyle magazine or People magazine think of Yummy Chick Martha Nelson who is the founding editor of InStyle magazine and has been at the helm of People magazine both of which are very successful Time incorporated magazines…pulling over 700 million in revenue a year… she’s Yummy and this what her boss had to say about her…

 “PEOPLE has had an extraordinary run of success during Martha’s managing editorship,” said Huey. “In addition to scoring impressive gains on the newsstand and maintaining its position as the industry’s advertising juggernaut, Martha repositioned People.com as the go-to website for celebrity news. In the past year alone, People.com has doubled its unique visitors and increased page views six-fold.”

Nuff said …