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Hillary Clinton an NYC Yummy Chick

clinton_hillary.jpgSo since I’m in NYC I thought the Yummy chick of the day would be and NYC chica. In 1991 she was considered one of the most powerful and most influential lawyers in the US. Fast forward to 2007 and she has seen her husband Bill through his governorship and his tumultous presidency. Now a full fledged sentor in her own right she’s gunning for the White House and may very well give the republicans a run for her money.

Don’t get it twisted Hillary has not been riding anyones coat tails…she is a graduate of Wellesly college and Yale university and in her private practice got a reputation for her contributions to womens rights and childrens rights. But is the US of A ready for a women in the presidency? That remains to be seen but in the mean time she gets my vote of yummy chick of the day.

Here’s Hillary on tape: